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hrough old construction

Asia-Pacific area " gold passageway " . Through old construction and development, peaceful fragrance river is preliminary became to flow with international extent content building decks with handy blocks for central city, this is the reliable safeguard that investor gets Russia lumber resource, also be to peaceful fragrance river can develop the precondition that becomes the entrance lumber distribution centre with our country the biggest north. 3,

investment climate advantage. Peaceful infrastructure of fragrance river city builds measurable lead, modern railroad port, highway port and near future are about to composite wood pavillion leave can aviation port, make peaceful the stereo carriage network that fragrance river formed extend in all directions. Each infrastructure such as the power supply inside city, water supply, heat addition, communication is perfect, integrated

service function of the city is complete, the market trades well-ordered, person energy of life is flourishing, was full of opportunity of survival and vigor. excel anti slip coating reviews After joining WTO, our country withheld the special arrangement of subtense condition commerce according to the principle of exception of WTO, lumber of Russia of entrance of border land commerce continues to enjoy the favourable policy that import tariff and



2018-11-07 02:51:54



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