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safety operation of crusher shaker

Generally speaking, some large equipment production is very big, long time operation will bring great damage to the equipment. Figure we can see that the crusher shaker, in fact, the use of this equipment rate is high, in addition to the familiar with the equipment of some of the basic operating skills and the principle of production, but also to understand the crusher shaker and the rules for safe operation and daily maintenance.

The following together to see the daily maintenance measures of crusher shaker. Jaw crusher is introduced machine construction scheme, in fact, nephropathy quiet jaw shaft hanging shaft seat generally used are double headed bolt connection, at the same time in the scroll car and some shape screw hole consistent, when these threads in the processing did not achieve high precision, so it is very easy to cause the bolt fit clearance constant larger, eventually loose even fall off, brought huge influence to the crusher shaker and the rules for safe operation, and even lead to some serious production safety accidents.

In crusher shaker and the rules for safe operation, at the same time, we can also find the pretightening force once the equipment Static jaw shaft coupling bolts hanging shaft seat is not enough, it may also lead to device loosening or even completely fracture. At the time of production, all users should pay attention to calculation of eccentric force and speed to do the work of the equipment, in the calculation of equipment to meet the bearing at the same time, according to the crusher shaker diagram to select the size of bearing size.



2018-11-26 02:30:47



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