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Application of aggregate processing system

System sand production line is a dedicated production line of sand and ultrafine grinder for building. The production line comprises a material feeder, crusher, sand and gravel processing system sand machine and other categories of equipment. According to the specific requirements of customers of the hardness and stone, manufacturers can provide more reasonable and more specific production line design.
The production line can make rock, gravel, cobble and other materials with various particle size sand for the construction. Made of sand production line of sand grain size uniformity, high compressive strength, far more than ordinary natural sand, sand hammer hit the production of sand more architectural requirements, performance advantages can improve the quality of construction system of sand production line: the first system sand production line a high degree of automation, low operation cost, high crushing rate, yield large, easy repair.
The second is to save labor cost. In addition to equipment boot downtime and maintenance besides, hardly need manual operation. Finally is the high economic benefit. Sand equipment in the process of design, various crushing equipment reasonable matching, spatial cross layout rigorous, the device has the advantages of small occupation area, investment and high economic benefits.



2018-12-06 01:28:55



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