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#1 2019-01-07 01:42:27

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Impact Crusher VS Ultrafine Grinder

With the sustained development of basic construction and the local economy, with more and more market crushing industry at home and abroad, but at the same time crushing industry competition becomes more and more serious. crushing equipment enterprises want to in the competition in the initiative, the first problem is to improve the quality of the crushing equipment and technical content, while the ultrafine grinder is in combination with the premise of domestic and international advanced technology level of production.

Impact type crusher impact on the existing crushing structure was improved, improved impact type convenience crushing capacity and equipment on the hard ore crushing maintenance, the main focus in the plate hammer, replacing the improved rotor structure to facilitate the plate hammer and clamping; research and development of high wear high toughness model plate hammer material can improve the service life of the plate hammer, improve productivity.Counter frame ultrafine grinder (crushing cavity) to further optimize the structure, improve a use of crushing rate and energy ratio of ore. Impact crusher manufacturers crusher type variety, and created a new era of domestic green mines, to produce the finished product most is cube shape.



2019-01-07 01:42:27



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